What is Hobzy?

Hobzy is the centre of your Hobby online. Whether you're browsing for new ideas, keeping track of your favourite designers, looking to rekindle that love of handmade crafts or buy someone that perfect authentic gift, Hobzy has you covered.

We started as the place to bring your Hobby content together, rather than having content on Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, your own blog and countless other services, you could bring it all together in one place, sharing one link instead of 10. As we grew past 100,000 users we realised two further things; firstly keeping up to date with your hobby-related content around the web is really challenging when it's in so many different places, and secondly that there are an increasing number of people looking to make some income by selling the authentic handmade items they make in their spare time.

Our experience of building this platform, combinded with the great feedback from our amazing users have really helped shaped the direction of Hobzy, and we are now looking to take it to the next level. With a year of extending our community to 120,000 users (who have connected around 800 different hobbies across 140 countries!) we now have something on the horizon that will really excite you.

If you're looking to share and exchange feedback on your pastime projects, keep up to date with others' hobby content that you love (be it on Hobzy, blogs or social media), purchase some authentic handmade gifts, or perhaps sell your own, then we recommend you sign up for an invite right away and be one of the first to experience the new Hobzy!

Already have a Hobzy account?

First of all, thanks for being a pioneer! We had a fantastic response to Hobzy when we launched and in the months since.

As you undoubtedly will have noticed, some parts of the site just didn't quite work as we would have wanted. We've looked at how you used the site and also spoken to hundreds of you, our awesome users, to find out what was missing, what didn't work and what worked well.

We're in the process of upgrading the site to become the centre of your hobby online (see 'What is Hobzy' above). We're confident you're going to love what you see, and we will let you know via your email address when it's ready for you.

Don't worry, all of your account information will be transferred and you will be able to login with the same details as before. The look of the site may be slightly different (you're getting a preview of it right now), but it'll still be the site you loved - with some vast improvements and a host of new features (including the ability to buy and sell!).

The new site will be launched in the coming weeks during October 2013, we have almost tripled the team working on the site from two to five people and there will be a couple of new features that you're going to really enjoy.

Thank you so much once again for helping us get this far, you are awesome.

Hobzy is the online home of your hobby

Find content related to your hobby

Ideas and inspiration are one click away


If you're looking for inspiration for your next knitting project, or looking to take up a new hobby and want some ideas, Hobzy has you covered. Use the Interest Cloud or a standard search to explore a diverse world of hobbies and watch the related content pour in in as you refine your exact interests.

My Stream

Be it Instagram or Etsy, Tumblr or Blogger, we know you use a variety of resources to connect with people who share your interests. We also know how much time you need to spend in order to keep up with all these different sources. Using Hobzy MyStream, simply enter the URL's of the exact sources you want to track, and we'll go and pull that content in whenever something new is published. Stay in-the-loop with one click in one place.

Share your hobby

& get feedback from those who share your passion.


Want to get some feedback on your latest creation? Take a snap and upload it straight to Hobzy. You'll have the eyes of the (insert-your-hobby-here) world checking out your work straight away!


You may well have content related to your hobby elsewhere on the web already. Perhaps you've published some sewing tutorials on YouTube or uploaded some photos of your crochet creations to Facebook. With Hobzy, you can bring that content together and showcase it under one roof.


Once you've uploaded or imported some content, your work will immediately be viewable by people who share your hobby in over 140 different countries. Your Items can recieve quick, positive feedback in the form of Likes, or more specific feedback in the form of Comments.

Sell your hobby

Make money from doing what you love.


The Hobzy Marketplace has been built specifically for amateur sellers to sell their goods. We've made it super easy and fee-free to get started. Once you've uploaded an Item to Hobzy you simply set your price and push it through to the marketplace in one click!

No Listing Fees

We don't think you should pay to list something that may never sell, so unlike most online marketplaces we won't charge you anything to put an Item up for sale. It's your hobby, not your business after all.


We have a vision for the Hobzy Marketplace. A vision that will see us provide a platform which facilitates the simple trade of original, authentic, handmade goods between individuals in different countries and continents.

We're starting with North America and Europe, and by the end of 2013 we'll be providing on-the-fly translation between sellers and buyers in 10 different languages.


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